Based upon a recent letter-writing campaign by hundreds of biomeds, the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) board has convened an HTM task force for the purpose of investigating the feasibility of incorporating HTM into its ranks like never before.hat

Biomedical expert Patrick Lynch, CBET, CCE, CHTM, CPHIMS, FACCE, is leading the campaign to form a national HTM organization that can provide lobbying and unwavering support for the HTM community. The initiative was formed after general agreement that the charters and missions of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and the American College of Clinical Engineering do not support the type of organization that is needed.

Both societies have expressed their support for this effort to align with the American Hospital Association. A conference call is scheduled between the task force and Lynch on September 18.

In order to support this effort, and to start an independent organization if the negotiations with ASHE do not yield positive results. Lynch has established a temporary organization whose goal is to provide guidance and funding for a new national HTM organization. Make HTM Great Again, an SC not-for-profit, was launched on September 7. Paid memberships are open to biomedical associations, individuals, schools, health systems, and corporations. There is also a free informational, non-voting category.

Voting members will have the opportunity to be elected to the Board of Directors, hold offices, and take a role in the formation of the new association. This includes setting policy, determining priorities, directing the use of funds, and access to information not available to the general public.

All HTM associations and biomeds are encouraged to visit and review the bylaws, read about membership benefits, and join.