I recently received an e-mail from David Scott, CBET, a biomedical technician in the equipment management department at The Children’s Hospital, Aurora, Colo. He wanted to let me know the Colorado Association of Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CABMET) CBET Study Group will begin again this year on March 22.

CABMET started this group in 2004, and what is so fantastic about it is that you don’t have to be in Colorado to take advantage of it. CABMET does offer the study group in Colorado, but participants can join from anywhere in the country via teleconference and Web. The group has impressive stats: Since 2004 it has helped more than 250 people get their CBET, CRES, and CLES; its 2006 study group had a 100% passing rate; and it offers a scholarship to all members of its group for the highest score.

Those are just some of the things that have impressed me, but let Dave tell you firsthand how he’s seen it help biomeds everywhere get certified.

Dave Scott: “All of us at CABMET feel this is a good way to study for your CBET. It helps to study with a group and get all the resources that a group setting offers. The cost goes down significantly per person the more people you have included in one phone/Web access point. Given the past success of our study group members, you are getting a proven study method for the CBET test. After passing the test you will know you have accomplished something big and it is great to put those four letters after your name—CBET.” 

The registration deadline is March 11—no exceptions—so if you’ve been thinking about getting certified, don’t delay and get on board with this group and get certified!

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