A new technical report, being developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO), aims to help developing countries implement a solid, internationally harmonized health informatics system and make international standards more accessible to those countries with limited resources and infrastructure.

The new report (called ISO/TR 14639) will reference wide-ranging health informatics standards including existing ISO standards, the Health Metrics Network Framework, and the Global Fund Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit.

Published in two parts, the first part will cover existing eHealth architecture and international standards, and will address specific activities such as monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, public health, management, and policy functions. The second part will provide a roadmap for identifying business requirements to define an eHealth enterprise architecture.

Primarily, the report will be useful for countries looking to harmonize existing systems, as well as those just beginning to use IT in health-related applications.

ISO will produce the report in partnership with the World Health Organization.