Continuing investment in Rigel Medical’s advanced test technology is helping one of Spain’s leading biomedical device service companies with a significant expansion of its operations.

Madrid-based Hermed Spain was established in 2017 and provides specialist assistance to hospitals and healthcare providers with the regulatory testing and management of their electromedical technology.

Already responsible for medical device service, maintenance, and repair for Madrid City Council’s emergency ambulance service and in a number of private and public hospitals in Madrid, Barcelona, and Zaragoza, Hermed has further extended its operations to include four more public hospitals in Madrid.

As a result of the new contract, the company’s team of biomedical service engineers and technicians has grown from 35 to 50 and all are equipped with the latest Rigel Medical test technology to help them undertake their compliance testing more effectively and efficiently. 

To accommodate the wide variety of healthcare facilities and types of medical devices that come under Hermed’s supervision, Durham, UK-based Rigel provides the service teams with a full suite of specialist biomedical test analyzers and patient simulators. These include the Uni Sim vital signs simulator, the Uni Pulse 400 defibrillator tester, the Uni Therm high current electrosurgical analyzer, and the Rigel 288 Plus biomedical equipment safety tester.

This specialist range of equipment enables field engineers and hospital technicians to carry out their critical work to ensure that vital healthcare technology and patient connected medical equipment is properly maintained, checked for electrical safety, and continues to perform accurately.

“In supporting our clients our aim has been to develop a new service model for managing electromedical devices that combines value, safety, and economic stability,” says Marta Villarejo, PhD, general manager of Hermed Spain. “To achieve this, working efficiently is essential and with so many different medical devices to inspect, test, and maintain across different healthcare sites, ease of use and portability of test equipment are very important considerations for our electromedical engineers.”

“In this respect, the versatility and compact, lightweight design of the Rigel units means they provide very mobile test solutions, allowing us to carry out very efficient testing schedules that help us to provide better standards of customer service.”

In addition to the practical benefits associated with carrying out important on-site inspections, Villarejo also highlights a number of technical features of individual Rigel products that are particularly useful in carrying out the compliance testing, overhaul and maintenance of devices.

“When testing electrosurgical generators, for example, our engineers find that the full color screen displays and easy-to-follow connection diagrams provided on the Uni Therm are particularly useful in eliminating potential errors,” Villarejo says. “Similarly, the Uni-Sim Vital Signs Simulator has proven itself to be a very practical tool. By bringing together NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP and respiratory functions in one piece of equipment, it greatly facilitates the field service activities by Hermed Spain engineers, saving time and avoiding the need to carry several pieces of equipment.”

In addition to supplying Hermed Spain with specialist test equipment, Rigel also supports the company with a range of product support and user training programs.

“By taking responsibility for the inspection, service and maintenance of specialist electromedical technology, Hermed Spain enables healthcare providers to focus on patient services and we are delighted that this approach has been so successful for the company,” says Sam Teta, business development manager for Rigel. “We greatly value the relationship we have developed with the business and we are committed to supporting them in their future expansion plans with continuing advances and innovation in the Rigel range.”

For more information, visit Hermed and Rigel Medical