Rigel Medical’s Multi-Flo analyzer can double infusion pump test capacity and save time through high-accuracy flow measurements, according to the company. The Multi-Flo analyzer is available in a single or multi-channel configuration with channels that can be tested across a range of 10 ?L to 1,500 mL per hour. Results are stored in the instrument’s internal memory.

The device’s sampling rate of 1Hz allows users to detail variations in flow or pressure for a real-time picture of the quality of infusion. According to Rigel Medical, the Multi-Flo can accommodate twice as many infusion devices as volumetric-based analyzers and cut testing times by up to 50%, for significant cost savings.

Manufacturer-specific test routines can be programmed and automatically executed, with readings consequently recorded in the device’s memory, removing the need for manual record-keeping. A color screen presents the data in both numerical and graphic format, allowing for flexible monitoring of acquired volume, flow delivery profiles, pressure changes, and bolus volumes. A remote control interface available via Rigel’s Med-eBase test solution software also allows users to control Multi-Flo features from a PC, increasing the test capacity in high-volume test environments.

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