Partnering with the Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Olympus America Inc will provide researchers there with advanced microscopes, camera equipment, and software to meet a variety of optical imaging needs.

The suite of Olympus instruments installed at Georgia Tech includes the flagship LEXT OLS4000xAE laser scanning confocal 3D measuring microscope, which provides high-resolution imaging, submicron critical dimension measurements, film thickness measurements, and noncontact surface analysis with full traceability.

Georgia Tech has also acquired semiconductor inspection microscopes from Olympus, including an MX51xAE inspection microscope and three MX61 wafer inspection microscopes, configured for general optical inspection. Olympus digital imaging and analysis software will allow researchers to do basic metrology and share images acquired on all the optical tools.

The NRC is a leading institution in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology research, serving nearly 600 researchers each year. It facilitates interdisciplinary research in micro- and nano-fabrication and characterization and welcomes outside individuals to use its facilities.