Armis, an asset intelligence cybersecurity company, announced the launch of Armis Centrix, the AI-powered cyber exposure management platform. Armis Centrix is a cloud-based platform that proactively secures all your assets, remediates vulnerabilities, blocks threats and protects the entire attack surface.

Armis Centrix enables organizations to discover, contextualize, enrich and profile every asset in their environment while also building a line of defense by leveraging Armis Centrix Asset Intelligence risk scores, policies, alerting and visualizations and most importantly: prioritize efforts against the exposures that matter to your business. Armis Centrix also integrates with existing enforcement and ticketing tools to establish end-to-end workflows and true risk lifecycle management and track risk reduction efforts to easily report on progress made. Armis Centrix takes proactive measures, detects threats and stops attacks to establish operational workflows and track risk reduction.

“In a perimeter-less world, where assets are digitally connected, traditional cybersecurity boundaries no longer exist. Legacy on-premise systems and point solutions are no longer fit for purpose leaving your attack surface and most critical assets open and exposed to cyber criminals and multiple bad actors,” said Nadir Izrael, CTO and co-founder of Armis. “The sheer scale and dynamic nature of the attack surface necessitates an entirely different, AI-driven approach, and that’s what Armis Centrix is – the AI that powers a suite of powerful tools for managing cyber risk exposure.”

Armis Centrix helps organizations see, protect and manage their entire attack surface, continuously safeguarding their mission-critical assets from cyber threats. Born in the cloud and fueled by AI, Armis Centrix delivers a true modular approach to cyber exposure management covering the most critical cybersecurity needs for clients across 4 solutions:

  • Asset management and security – Complete asset inventory of all asset types allowing any organization to see and secure the attack surface
  • OT/IOT security – See and secure OT/IOT networks and physical assets, ensure uptime and build an effective & comprehensive security strategy
  • Medical device security – Complete visibility and security for all medical devices, clinical assets and the entire healthcare ecosystem – with zero disruption to patient care
  • Vulnerability prioritization and remediation – Consolidate, prioritize and remediate all vulnerabilities; improve mean time to remediation (MTTR) with automatic remediation and ticketing workflows

“This is a revolutionary advancement that will change the way in which companies answer key questions regarding their cybersecurity posture,” said Dana Gilboa, chief product officer, Armis. “Armis can help organizations mitigate their cyber asset risks and protect the entire attack surface by providing the needed intelligence to align security and business efforts. With this approach, we can ultimately provide organizations with the peace of mind they need, allowing them to see, protect and manage all their critical assets.”

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