ContextVision has received a patent approval on a new skeletal visualization technology for 3D ultrasound.

The technology is based on a visualization software and improves the potential for early discovery of skeletal irregularities in unborn babies.

SkeletalView, the newest unique product feature, integrates into ContextVision’s 3D rendering product, REALiCE, which is commercially available. SkeletalView enables clinicians to obtain a more accurate view of the fetal skeleton during pregnancy. This feature helps the clinicians examine the fetus for spontaneous fractures and skeletal malformations. It also facilitates the measurement of bone structures.

“Our visualization product, REALiCE, has received significant industry attention since its launch. SkeletalView adds further diagnostic value, and we expect that the product will be even more attractive to manufacturers of medical imaging equipment going forward,” says Fredrik Palm, vice president at ContextVision.

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