Hyro, a company focused on plug-and-play conversational artificial intelligence (AI), has finalized a $20 million Series B funding round, bringing the company’s total funding to $35 million. With this capital raise, Hyro seeks to meet the healthcare sector’s critical demand for conversational AI and automation, enabling large organizations to streamline access to digital services for their patients and staff while drastically improving operational efficiencies.

Hyro plans to hire top talent across all departments as it continues to build out its no-code platform for AI-powered call center, web, and mobile solutions, while also expanding strategic partnerships, integrations, and use cases across key industries where it is already experiencing strong traction. 

With 47% of the current US-based workforce in healthcare planning to exit the industry by 2025, Hyro expects to capitalize on soaring demand for AI and natural language understanding (NLU) solutions. As digital expectations for health services continue to rise, health systems will need to compete for patient acquisition and satisfaction with a depleted staff, leaving Hyro’s AI-powered communications as a natural bridge for that growing labor gap, according to the company.

“In an age of generative AI, labor shortages and economic struggle, healthcare organizations will look to eliminate low-level tasks to further drive efficiency,” says Israel Krush, CEO and co-founder of Hyro. “Automation is no longer simply nice to have–we’re poised to capture unprecedented demand for AI assistants as health systems continue trusting us to scale interactions surrounding critical workflows. The x-factor in this market will be the solutions provider that most responsibly and effectively blends key components of conversational AI together, including emerging technologies such as large language models, and we’re best positioned to accomplish that here at Hyro.”

Named a 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor for its unique natural language processing (NLP) and knowledge graph technologies, Hyro specializes in plug-and-play chat and voice interfaces that resolve up to 85% of routine tasks which would otherwise strain already overloaded healthcare organizations. Unlike intent-based solutions built through machine learning (ML), Hyro requires zero training data and eliminates client-side maintenance efforts, updating information in real time as content changes.

AI assistants easily layer on top of existing omnichannel workflows to help centralize communications, improve access to services and care, and reduce operational costs. The skills automated by Hyro, including patient registration, routing, scheduling, IT helpdesk ticketing, frequently-asked-questions, and prescription refills, constitute roughly 60%-70% of all inbound calls and messages and include inquiries from both patient and staff populations.

Beyond automating interactions, the key differentiator for Hyro is Conversational Intelligence. Distinguished from typical conversational AI solutions, including those based on LLMs, Hyro’s analytics dashboard includes “voice of the consumer” performance metrics, popular trends, and explainability surrounding AI outputs, promoting full visibility as well as a constant feedback loop for organizations to further optimize their data.