PMC Smart Solutions contributed its medical device manufacturing and regulatory expertise to the development and production of the Venti-Now portable ventilator, reports Plastics Today

COVID-19 has provided opportunities for custom molders to apply their expertise to the development and manufacture of much-needed medical equipment. PMC Smart Solutions LLC, a family-owned company in Cincinnati specializing in engineering, design/development, plastic injection molding, contract assembly, and sterilization, is using its extensive experience to help bring a new ventilator to market as quickly and inexpensively as possible, without compromising on quality.

Lisa Jennings, president and CEO of PMC, says she was introduced to the founders of Venti-Now Non-Profit Corp., who were searching for a medical device manufacturer that could help them with critical R&D aspects. “They had a good start with the concept, design, and early prototype for their emergency ventilator,” Jennings says. “What they were lacking was the medical device manufacturing and regulatory experience that PMC could provide.”

The Venti-Now ventilator is a pneumatic mechanical device. Small and portable, it is designed for quick production and maximum affordability. Venti-Now is also easy to operate and utilizes standard, disposable BVM bags, making it ideal for use in emergency situations in both hospital and field locations.

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