Biotronik, a Berlin-based cardiovascular medical device manufacturer, and GenesisCare, the largest group of private practice cardiologists in Australia, have begun a three-year strategic partnership that will initiate interdisciplinary research projects focusing on better data sharing, care pathways, and integration, as well as tracking outcomes.

“With the necessary technology and know-how, we aim to improve patient outcomes with more responsive, personalized and appropriate care,” says Stephen Worthley, MD, PhD, executive manager at GenesisCare. “This could lead to fewer adverse events, earlier detection of preventable problems and reduced need for hospitalization.”

Cardiac patients can benefit from this new approach in terms of fewer hospital visits and complications, and lower mortality, which ultimately translates into lower therapy costs, benefiting patients and health insurers, Worthley adds.

“Our partnership aims to overcome obstacles we face when acting alone,” says Jan Ewert, managing director of Biotronik in Australia and New Zealand. “We look forward to collaborating with GenesisCare to work towards a common goal: redefining how patients receive the best possible care.”