Body composition technology provider InBody released its BWA 2.0 body water analyzer, which provides insights that demonstrate how variations in body composition and body water can affect wellbeing.

This new professional-grade device expands upon the outputs measured by the InBody S10, which analyze body composition and body water in users who are immobile or have amputated limbs via attachable electrodes.

With this launch, InBody is showcasing how body water is the foundation upon which all other bioimpedance analysis (BIA) measurements are built. This has a major influence on readings provided by BIA devices because body composition is measured by sending electrical currents through the body to measure impedance.

“We wanted to bring the importance of body water to the forefront to highlight how the accuracy of these measurements elevates the validity of other body composition readings,” says Harry Yun, CEO of InBody USA. “With the BWA 2.0, we are able to more closely examine body water composition, its segmental breakdown, and any historical fluctuations to determine its long-term effects on health and vitality.”

Similar to its predecessor, the InBody S10, the portable, convenient design of the BWA 2.0 allows for on-the-go testing to be performed in Medical Mode or Research Mode. Additionally, users can also choose to test in a supine, seated, or standing position, giving individuals with limited mobility or amputated limbs equal access to accurate measurements for standard outputs like percent body fat and skeletal muscle mass.

Plus, using eight different frequencies, 40 impedance measurements will be taken across the five segments of the body.

In addition, medical, nutrition, and fitness professionals can also digitally review individual InBody Test Results on the device’s LCD display, on the web, or through our data management software, LookinBody.