Nihon Kohden announces the launch of its NK-HealthProtect Pop-up ICU Solution, an all-inclusive 16-bed system for the intensive care unit. Complete with 16 bedside monitors, a central station, networking and installation materials, the NK-HealthProtect Pop-up ICU Solution allows hospitals to add and deploy ICU beds in less than 40 minutes in the event of a disaster or a pandemic, such as COVID-19, when a surge in patients can overwhelm available resources.

NK-HealthProtect is Nihon Kohden’s line of advanced feature and product configurations designed to help healthcare providers during a public health threat or when care must be provided in non-traditional care areas.

“Hospital ICUs are built for average beds needed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They are not built for the crisis event, whether a disaster or an outbreak, and they are not built for surge capacity, when a hospital’s resources can be overwhelmed and there is an urgent need to expand the number of critical-care beds,” says Genoveffa Devers DNP, MSHA, RN, CPHQ, vice president of clinical and strategic alliances at Nihon Kohden. “We developed the NK-HealthProtect ICU Pop-up Solution to provide hospitals the flexibility they need to quickly and easily expand the number of ICU beds it has to respond to a crisis within hours instead of days or weeks.”

Each NK-HealthProtect Pop-up ICU Solution consists of 16 Life Scope BSM-6300 Series bedside monitors with BSM-1700 transport monitors and a Life Scope Central Station (CNS-6801). Moreover, each Life Scope bedside monitor is fully appointed with all features—both standard and premium—unlocked and ready to use at a moment’s notice. This ensures the technology can be employed in the broadest range of acuity levels and allows clinicians to stabilize patients in place, which may reduce the need to transfer between departments—and ultimately the potential risk of serious infection.

The Life Scope Central also comes with all the necessary network and installation materials, accessories and starter kit of consumables, and access to Nihon Kohden University’s virtual training and clinical education materials.