Belfast, Northern Ireland-based B-Secur has launched an ECG hardware and software development kit, which can help technology companies fast-track the development of their electrocardiogram (ECG) devices. B-Secur, a heart health ECG monitoring technology company, currently works with many of the consumer and medical device companies around the world, who have access to B-Secur’s team of engineers on customized solutions.

B-Secur has led these companies to develop a full solution stack to accelerate ECG development. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the market demand for ECG monitoring has increased.

The ECG Development Kit will provide easy access to development integration of B-Secur’s U.S. FDA-cleared Heartkey technology for smaller consumer wearable device makers.

ECG development can be complex and time-consuming—requiring specific capability that if done in-house—costs both time and money. B-Secur says it is an expert in the end-to-end signal chain. The company believes its kit, which features a suite of tools and guides, can help fast-track device makers’ ECG development in the most cost-effective and time-effective manner.

B-Secur’s ECG Development Kit includes an electrode guide, electrode development test jig, hardware design guide, HeartKey software library of algorithms (in user ID, wellness and health), software guide and HeartKey signal analysis app. In addition to a dedicated training workshop, users of the kit can also access 24-hour expert support.

One Step Closer to Achieving “ECG Everywhere”

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic led to additional health complications for those with underlying heart conditions. In some cases, the virus also caused irreparable cardiac damage and arrhythmias in people with no underlying heart issues, making heart health and remote monitoring a key priority for patients, clinicians and health service providers around the world. Developed and optimized for everyday devices, HeartKey provides flexibility in integration, enabling “ECG Everywhere.”

“The inspiration around ECG and HeartKey is being able to take biometrics to the next level, enabling rapid development of trusted biosensing technology in consumer and medical devices,” says Ben Carter, CCO at B-Secur. “The ECG Development Kit enables real scalability and global acceleration of medical grade ECG across consumer and medical devices and is particularly suited to small, but ambitious device makers keen to leverage and build this technology with a self-build approach.”