Inspira Technologies, a respiratory support technology company, has signed an exclusive OEM agreement with Terumo Cardiovascular, a global medical device company. Terumo Corporation, the parent company, operates in over 160 countries and regions around the world, providing patients in a variety of medical settings.

Terumo Cardiovascular has expertise in the field of oxygenation systems, heart-lung machines, and monitoring systems. The agreement provides for the manufacture of a flow mechanism that is intended to be integrated into Inspira Technologies’ products for use in the extracorporeal circulation of the blood during the oxygenation process. This may also include integration into the INSPIRA ART system, designed to introduce a new mode of acute respiratory care by boosting oxygen saturation levels in minutes using small volumes of blood. The INSPIRA ART system is designed to treat patients while they are awake and breathing spontaneously, reducing the need for invasive mechanical ventilation.

“This is a very important agreement for the company, and we believe that it is in line with our strategy towards developing collaborations with the largest medical device companies to join in on our journey to market,” says Joe Hayon, Inspira Technologies,’ co-founder and president. 

Inspira as an OEM Partner

Inspira Technologies is a medical technology company in the respiratory treatment arena. The company has developed an Augmented Respiration Technology (INSPIRA ART), designed to rebalance patient oxygen saturation levels. This technology potentially allows patients to remain awake during treatment while reducing the need for highly invasive, risky, and costly mechanical ventilation systems that require intubation and medically induced coma.

The company’s products have not yet been tested or used in humans and has not been approved by any regulatory entity.