HeartBeam—a developmental stage digital healthcare company—signed a partnership agreement with digital health solutions company LIVMOR to build a remote patient monitoring portal.

HeartBeam, which offers a proprietary ECG telemedicine technology for heart attack detection, will create a branded version of LIVMOR’s Halo+ FDA cleared turnkey solution for remote patient monitoring (RPM) to connect physicians and patients.

Under the terms of the agreement LIVMOR will develop a HeartBeam branded version, the HeartBeam Platform, of the LIVMOR RPM platform customized for HeartBeam products, with senior executives of both companies supervising the project.

“Utilizing LIVMOR’s FDA cleared RPM platform will allow us to meet our schedule for FDA submission of our first product, an easy-to-use heart attack detection software solution for Emergency Department settings,” says Branislav Vajdic, PhD, CEO and founder of HeartBeam.

“LIVMOR has successfully developed a patient-engaging remote monitoring system of critical physiological biomarkers which we believe can be adapted to utilize with our emergency department software solution for more accurate MI detection. LIVMOR’s experience in the regulatory process is an important benefit, providing support and assistance for us as we seek to submit the HeartBeam Platform for FDA clearance.”

The new software will be sent for submission to the FDA later this year.