Columbia, S.C.-based Palmetto Health Baptist recently installed two Carestream Touch Prime XE ultrasound systems, which will enable the health care facility to access radiology, Ob/Gyn, vascular, interventional, and pediatric images that have been captured at the hospital and its trauma center. With the Touch Prime XE ultrasound system, the 314-bed facility will have rapid access to images and can eliminate manual tasks that are typically required with older ultrasound systems.

Carestream’s Smart Flow Imaging enables providers to visualize blood flow in various directions, regardless of imaging angle. Also available with the Touch Prime XE system is Smart Flow Assist technology, which enables automatic, continuous beam steering, gate positioning, and angle correction—whether the transducer is moving or not; that means more efficient access to images, since sonographers won’t need to make ongoing manual adjustments.

Developed based on feedback from ultrasound professionals, the system can recognize each sonographer with a swipe of their badge, which then activates all of their preferences and presets. The ultrasound system also delivers enhanced spatial detail with faster frame rates for better visualization of moving structures—all this, while optimizing image formation, which cuts down on noise and artifacts. Capable of frame rates in excess of 100Hz, the system is able to maintain enhanced imaging detail.

The technology, which is designed without buttons, knobs, or keys, features a sealed, all-touch control panel, which means sonographers can clean the system quickly and thoroughly—and that results in the spread of fewer pathogens.

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