Toshiba America Medical Systems will showcase its Infinix-i product line at next week’s Radiological Society of North America annual meeting in Chicago. The Infinix-i line, including the Infinix-i Sky+, delivers advanced patient access and high image quality for virtually any image-guided procedure, including those in hybrid OR settings.

With head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage, a 270° gantry pivot, as well as offering the ability to maintain a heads-up display during complex angles with synchronized rotating collimators and flat panel detectors, the Infinix-i lineup features the following systems:

  • Infinix-i Core: Designed specifically for routine interventional cardiology procedures with a compact single plane C-arm at an affordable price-point
  • Infinix-i Core+: Toshiba’s patented 5-axis single-plane, floor-mounted system achieves angulations that are optimal for both routine interventional cardiology and radiology procedures. Plus, its ergonomic design with “WorkRite technology” allows monitor viewing at any point in the room, designed to help clinicians improve clinical workflow.
  • Infinix-i Sky+: With 3D imaging anywhere, the Infinix-i Sk+ combines Toshiba Medical’s sliding double C-arm design to deliver flexibility and quality. With a C-arm flip and 3D imaging from anywhere, head-end, left or right side, the system is designed for advanced interventional radiology and oncology procedures.
  • Infinix-i Biplane: The only 3-in-1 biplane room that combines the flexibility of floor- and ceiling-mounted positioners with biplane positioning for strong access and coverage. Designed for both biplane cardiology and biplane neurology procedures, the system operates as a fully functional single plane system when a biplane room is not necessary.
  • Infinix-i Dual Plane: The only system with two dedicated C-arms to help clinicians treat more patients cost-effectively, with the ability to perform cardiac and peripheral procedures in the same room
  • Infinix-i 4D CT: Integrates the interventional lab and CT to allow clinicians to plan, treat and verify in a single clinical setting

“Toshiba Medical has an XRVL legacy of helping clinicians provide the ultimate in patient access, care and safety,” says Bill Newsom, director of Toshiba’s X-ray Vascular Business Unit. “We’ve been able to continue that legacy with the recent launch of the Infinix-i Sky +, which allows clinicians to move the C-arm around the patient, rather than the other way around.”

For more information about these technologies, visit Toshiba.