Carestream has announced that its product portfolio on display at the upcoming HIMSS 2014 event will showcase its new 64-bit Intel Xeon servers that can help enhance PACS performance while reducing costs.

According to the company, its new 64-bit PACS architecture is being designed to achieve several key advances:

  • Increasing the speed of server and client operations
  • Expediting availability and reading of large 3D imaging studies and
  • Serving as an enhanced infrastructure for server-side rendering and pay-per-use cloud services.

True 64-Bit Processing

The new PACS will deliver true 64-bit processing to address the data-intensive needs of healthcare facilities worldwide and support the move to a Windows operating system. Carestream reports that it worked closely with Intel to further optimize the performance of its imaging processing software algorithms on Xeon servers. “Our systems will be equipped to deliver even faster response times, greater capacity and lower costs than we would be able to achieve by simply transitioning our systems to 64-bit technology,” said Carestream’s Neville Skudowitz. “This upgrade also will enhance our ability to manage multiple large data sets beyond traditional DICOM files for smart data management across the enterprise.”

The new 64-bit technology will deploy hardware-accelerated encryption that delivers an elevated level of security for Carestream’s on-site deployments and cloud services.

With the new architecture, Carestream says, it will be able to deliver its Vue PACS, Vue Archive, and Vue Motion image viewer from the same server. The MyVue patient portal resides on a separate server to maintain security because it is accessed by patients through the Internet.