My imaging tech asked you this question before and your reply was, “If you attend the Sequoia training by Siemens they will give you the codes.” The question was, if we buy a board from Siemens for the Sequoia would they give us the password without setting off the booby traps? My understanding is that Siemens changes the passcode every week on this machine so that no one can work on these things but them. Being that you teach biomeds on the repair of the Sequoia, do you teach a workaround for this problem? The answer you provided my imaging tech was not what we expected.

Here is how it works: On all Sequoia systems Phase III with software 7.2 and above, you can replace boards without disabling the system.

All Sequoia systems Phase III with software below 7.2 and Sequoia Phase I, regardless of the software, you need to have “Third Party Service” enabled. Otherwise, the system keeps booting into the service mode after you open the side covers. You can purchase this code and it is permanent.

The Phase I system is the one with a network connector inside the bay on the IOE board. The Phase III system does not have an IOE board and thus no network connector is present inside the bay.

To answer your question about getting the code from Siemens if you purchase a board, I recommend calling Siemens to find out. I am not sure about their policy on this topic.
I hope this helps!

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