Three of Siemens Healthcare’s new, mobile C-arm systems—Cios Fusion, Cios Connect, and Cios Select—have received FDA clearance. These products join an upgraded version of Siemens’ Cios Alpha mobile C-arm technology. “Our Cios family offers customers a complete product portfolio that meets their needs, regardless of facility type or budget,” says Martin B. Silverman, Siemens’ vice president of x-ray products.

Offering the flat-panel detectors of the Cios Alpha at a lower price point, the Cios Fusion has two detector sizes: 30 x 30 cm and 20 x 20 cm. It features most of the same software and hardware features of the Cios Alpha, including a touchscreen remote that can be positioned at the operating table to control the C-arm from within the sterile work space. And the 547-pound Cios Connect enables physicians to display individual images simultaneously in subtracted and x-ray views—thus enhancing the appearance of contrast and bone.

Furthermore, Siemens’ Cios Select features a push-button interface to expedite workflow. This system also uses the intelligent dose-efficiency algorithm (IDEAL), which provides continuous contrast and brightness adjustments as well as automatic dose-performance adjustment.

Finally, the new version of Cios Alpha features a flat-panel detector that helps reduce surgical invasiveness, along with revised software that enables clinicians to better select image settings. Also, a new function compensates for metal image components to allow surrounding tissue to be visualized with greater contrast. And to mark anatomical structures, the Cios Alpha’s live graphical overlay function—which was previously only available in a vascular surgery setting—can now be used in all operating modes.

For more information about these systems, visit Siemens Healthcare.