Carestream has received the 2016 North American Frost & Sullivan award for new product innovation for its OnSight 3D extremity system. With the company’s high-resolution CT scanner for weight-bearing examinations, users have access to advanced image reconstruction and improved productivity. The OnSight 3D extremity system also offers emits less radiation than conventional CT scanners.

The company’s design is also distinct from doughnut-shaped CT scanners. Delivering a wide-door opening that provides easy, step-in access for patients, its large imaging bore can accommodate larger patients—while also delivering a wide field-of-view image capture. Its dual-side positioning joystick facilitates convenient equipment positioning. Further, two detachable patient-support handles provide both safety and support. The attached monitor shows the patient’s demographic information and the imaging status for individualized diagnoses of extremities.

With 3D images at the point of care, clinicians can evaluate subtle or occult fractures and their healing. The system can also be used to improve the visibility of patient anatomy, even in the presence of metal implants—and that means far less “noise” in CT images.

“Carestream’s OnSight 3D extremity system utilizes advanced interactive reconstruction techniques and generates exceptional image quality in both bone and soft tissue,” says Karan Verma, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “Similarly, weight-bearing applications are better evaluated using this system. By delivering volumetric reconstruction that has isotropic spatial resolution in all three directions, it bridges the gap between the market and customer needs.”

For more information about this device, visit Carestream.