Tech solutions provider CG1 Solutions announced the launch of a private beta test for Reality Hub, which is a metaverse training system for hospitals.

Reality Hub will provide metaverse training for hospital staff on a wide range of medical equipment using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which several major health systems have contacted CG1 about being part of for the beta test, says CG1 President Edwin Rivera.

“Reality Hub is using AR technology to provide quick and efficient training solutions that hospitals and health care systems have needed,” says Rivera, whose CG1 Solutions has worked with clients such as Walmart, West Kendall Baptist Hospital, Scope AR, Disney Consumer Products, Alliance Laundry Systems, Synnova Health, Mitsubishi, and iNewton.

For Reality Hub, hospitals would ‘subscribe’ to the content for their training needs on specific pieces of equipment and would receive an iPad already loaded with AR/VR content about that equipment, says Rivera.

The hospital personnel simply follow the instructions, then point the iPad at the equipment, to which AR/VR images on the iPad screen allows the personnel to get “hands-on” training instantly.

One recent hospital executive interested in joining the beta test described the subscription system as “Netflix for the medical field.”

“That description is pretty accurate,” says Rivera, a former Desert Storm Marine whose company has been designated as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  “By subscribing to Realty Hub content, hospitals will be able to use the latest technology to get up to speed faster and more efficiently.  The old system—shipping the equipment, then having someone install it, then waiting for a company rep to come by to train the personnel—is time-consuming and inefficient for today’s hospital systems.  In addition, by using the Reality Hub method, new personnel joining that department can simply use the iPad content and be brought up-to-speed immediately.  No need to wait until another visit from the machine’s rep for a second round of training.”

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