RadNet Inc., based in Los Angeles, and Medic Vision Imaging Solutions Ltd., of Tirat Carmel, Israel, recently announced that RadNet has acquired an equity stake in Medic Vision.

This investment comes after both parties announced last summer that RadNet will use Medic Vision’s CT Dose reduction and management and XR-29 compliance products in numerous facilities. The companies also added that they will join forces in the development and validation of Medic Vision’s future products.

“We are highly impressed by the quality of the technology, products, and services that Medic Vision provides, as well as the company’s roadmap for future offerings,” says Howard Berger, MD, CEO, RadNet.  “We identified the significant technical progress and leadership Medic Vision has demonstrated throughout the years, and believe that combined with our experience, knowledge and expertise, Medic Vision can accelerate its growth and innovation.”

“Since we started collaborating with RadNet, we recognized the importance and effectiveness of our products and services to RadNet’s services and to that of the rest of the imaging industry,” says Eyal Aharon, CEO, Medic Vision.

“We are honored to have a leading company like RadNet as a shareholder. The trust and confidence RadNet has shown in our products and services build a strong foundation for future product development,” Aharon continues.