Remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions provider Anelto has added a video remote patient monitoring system to its product portfolio.

The RemoteCareLive! Solution is an extension of Anelto’s  RemoteCare voice and data console, which has over 15,000 systems in service across the United States. This new solution runs on AT&T’s nationwide IoT network.

The system is designed specifically for healthcare with Medicare users in mind. It is a cellular-based video console that offers in-home availability and a solid telehealth conferencing connection. RemoteCareLive! is always on since it is plugged in and has a two-day battery backup. Unlike tablets, a notification is immediately sent to the care provider if the power source is removed.

The RemoteCareLive! video consoles contain IoT SIM cards, so they automatically send the patient’s data over the AT&T IoT network to the cloud where a healthcare provider can access the data via a secure log-in.

“Our collaboration with Anelto is another example of how our IoT connectivity is advancing connected healthcare,” says Joe Drygas, VP of healthcare solutions for AT&T. “More and more healthcare providers are turning to remote patient monitoring for improved patient outcomes. IoT-enabled RPM devices provide a quicker and more convenient service for patients and give them more control over their health. For doctors, RPM solutions with IoT connectivity mean access to more complete patient data and the ability to act on that data as it’s received.”

RemoteCareLive! continuously monitors in real-time with audio that is easy to understand. The RemoteCareLive! system has a sturdy, integrated adjustable base with simple, intuitive buttons for essential functions permanently positioned along the outside of the frame. The RemoteCareLive! audio volume and clarity are superior to a tablet experience.

RemoteCareLive! uses improved Anelto device management, clinical tools, and proprietary Care-driven, Android-based, Reliable, In-Home Software, also known as CARIS. It seamlessly connects to Anelto-approved blood pressure, pulse oximeter, glucometer, scale, spirometer, and other vital sign monitors. The CARIS software and conversational AI allow users to answer care pathway questions with just their voice.

“We have been successfully delivering RPM clinical services using Anelto equipment for several years. Their equipment is robust, reliable, and easy for patients to use. For most patients, their RemoteCare audio platform is a superior choice,” says Rick Griffin, CEO, Navcare. “Their new RemoteCareLive! video platform offers many advantages over traditional consumer-grade tablets. We look forward to continuing to serve patients and providers with these types of innovative solutions.”

Anelto‘s healthcare monitoring solution is aimed at keeping seniors connected to healthcare providers anywhere.