Dayton, Ohio-based Midmark RTLS, a real-time locating system (RTLS) technology provider focused on clinical workflow solutions and data insights that improve the delivery of care, announces that it now offers a cloud-based, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset tracking solution—a combination that can be rapidly deployed across health systems, in both new and existing facilities without time-consuming, resource-intensive projects. 

“Midmark RTLS Cloud modernizes asset tracking capabilities—it’s simple to install and scale across your health system, supporting your staff with real-time information,” says Susan Martin, vice president, Midmark RTLS. “Our decades of experience with RTLS in healthcare provide a strong foundation, enabling us to build evidence-based solutions with the latest technology that allow care teams to find the right equipment, quickly and efficiently.”

Hospitals today may accept searching for missing equipment and over-purchasing assets as frustrating yet necessary practices. Yet the broader impact—on annual budgets, nurse inefficiency and staff dissatisfaction—can add up to a staggering $7 million per year for the average 300-bed hospital, according to customer interviews.

“Supporting front-line caregivers and technicians is an investment that will pay for itself with increased asset utilization, lowering both capital and operational expenditures on equipment, while also improving care and nursing satisfaction, increasing the time they spend with patients,” says Martin.

Because the Midmark RTLS solution is cloud-based, it scales easily to provide asset visibility across the health system, tracking assets that move between facilities. The web-based software, viewable on computers and tablets, was designed with both nurses and biomedical technicians in mind—giving these critical teams location data at their fingertips.

Midmark’s new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors, which can be combined with the company’s existing wired RTLS hardware, outperform Wi-Fi RTLS in both accuracy and tag battery life, offering near room-level precision (within 3 meters), company officials say. The sensors can be deployed within a matter of days, without disruption to patient care. Midmark’s new family of BLE asset tags includes the small footprint Micro BLE Asset Tag that is suitable for smaller mobile devices such as telemetry packs.