Wayne, N.J.-based Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc., announces the latest release of AeroRemote Insights, a cloud-based analytics solution that delivers detailed information on asset utilization, department efficiency, imaging system health, and more. This release is now compatible with Konica Minolta’s x-ray systems driven by Ultra software, expanding the reach of the service to even more imaging solutions. 

AeroRemote Insights provides information on productivity, user performance and system health at a glance including image rejection rates, dose indicators and panel drops. With the ability to view data from any computer or mobile device, imaging departments will be enabled to improve workflow, accuracy, and uptime. 

“The metrics provided by AeroRemote Insights have allowed us to emphasize the importance of panel safety. The metrics have also enabled us to obtain a better perspective on productivity,” says Ramiro Plascencia, administrative director at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Usage data also provides Konica Minolta with insight into their customers’ experiences. During the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, for example, Konica Minolta’s connected customers saw on average a 54% reduction in exam volumes in April compared to January. May saw a 28% increase in exams over April and June saw an 8% further increase over May, a positive indicator for healthcare providers. 

“With AeroRemote Insights and other remote support services we now offer, we have revolutionized traditional service delivery,” says Kevin Chlopecki, vice president of service operations. “We address our customers’ common productivity and performance challenges by connecting customers to their own productivity data in ways they have never viewed it before. Our customers use AeroRemote Insights to improve productivity, and our customer support teams use it to proactively assist our customers,” says Chlopecki. 

AeroRemote Insights is available for most Konica Minolta X-ray and AeroDR Systems as part of Konica Minolta’s premium Blue Moon service plans or as a standalone subscription and is compatible with Ultra and CS-7 control software.