TRIMEDX was recently rated the top provider of services to healthcare providers in Equipment Maintenance, Clinical and Biomedical Engineering Outsourcing through a Black Book Research study.

Nearly 16,000 client users of independent providers responded to polls on customer satisfaction and experience in several outsourced functional areas. This includes responses from small hospitals, community hospitals, health systems, and other inpatient providers. The survey period ranged between Q4 FY22 and Q3 FY23.

“I am extremely pleased to learn of this independently published study and to see how TRIMEDX and the service our associates provide clients are being recognized as first class,” says Henry Hummel, TRIMEDX CEO.

TriMedx earned 13 of 18 total No.1 criteria ratings within the category results (with the next highest provider earning two). The criteria were:

  1. Strategic alignment of client goals
  2. Innovation
  3. Client relationship and cultural fit
  4. Trust, transparency, accountability, ethics
  5. Breadth of offerings, client types, delivery excellence
  6. Deployment and implementation
  7. Customization
  8. Scalability, client adaptability, flexible pricing
  9. Compensation and employee performance
  10. Brand image and marketing communications
  11. Marginal value-adds
  12. Support and customer care
  13. Best of breed technology and process improvement

“As hospitals and health systems continue to look for efficiencies while delivering patient care, it appears we will see a major shift to those utilizing independent service providers for clinical engineering services,” says Doug Brown, president of Black Book Research. “People, process, and technology are crucial to delivering these services, and TRIMEDX excels in serving clients and also meeting their capital needs.”

Of the 18 criteria ratings, TRIMEDX’s results all ranged between 9.2 and 9.92 with a mean of 9.72; all of which fall within the top 10%, scoring better than 90% of providers, receiving the highest client satisfaction scores under the feedback responses of: “overwhelming satisfaction,” “exceeds expectations,” and “highly recommended vendor.”

“It’s reaffirming to see highly performing numbers across the board,” says Kristi McDermott, chief operating officer of TRIMEDX. “And when reviewing the areas we’ve achieved No.1 ratings, we can truly attribute the results to the work each associate contributes daily, from all areas of the business.”

The study, that surveyed nearly 16,000 hospital and physician organizations across 40 categories of service, also revealed that over the next five years, healthcare will see an increase in independent service providers partnering with health systems due to a lack of in-house expertise, the need to keep up with accelerated pace of technology implementation while facing reduced capital, and the risk of not supporting existing technology.