MXR Imaging Inc., San Diego, Calif., announces its Platinum Certified pre-owned brand of products.

The Platinum Certified products go through a documented multi-point process which includes extensive testing and replacement of parts and components of pre-owned diagnostic medical products. The Platinum program’s standards adhere to MXR’s quality management system which is certified ISO 13485:2016.

MXR’s first products to be released under the Platinum Certified program are pre-owned CT, PET/CT, and MRI systems. Key requirements for certifying pre-owned CT, PET/CT and MRI systems under the program include a 100-point refurbishment checklist to bring the equipment to “as new” status and come with a one-year warranty.

  • Cosmetic: All exterior covers, faceplates, control surfaces, and accessories are brought back to “as new” condition
  • Mechanical: Full inspection, evaluation, decontamination, and replacement, if required, of high-wear mechanical items
  • Historical: Total service life evaluation of all documented repairs and replacements
  • Electronic: Complete evaluation of system and sub-systems to identify and replace high-failure parts

“Platinum Certified units allow our customers to upgrade their current imaging capabilities using the same budget and without risk to the patient or dependability of the technology,” says Ted Sloan, president of MXR Imaging. “I like to remind my customer, ‘reimbursement rates stay the same regardless of what technology you invest in.’ Platinum Certified MRI, CT, PET/CT systems lower your total cost of ownership and can maximize your revenue potential…a value that other independent equipment brokers and OEMs cannot match.”