Scott Nudelman

Scott Nudelman

The InterMed Group has announced the hiring of Scott Nudelman as chief operating officer (COO), effective immediately. Nudelman will report directly to CEO Rick Staab and will be responsible for all operations including imaging services, biomed services, asset management and “Jump Team” (including project support, physical inventories and cybersecurity assessments).

Nudelman has built a successful 30-year career in the industry. Prior to joining InterMed, he served more than 21 years as general manager of biomed services and MV operations manager for GE Healthcare. Nudelman’s educational background includes a degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in electrical engineering technology. As a very respected industry leader, Nudelman brings to InterMed deep experience in healthcare management, consulting, operations, technology and quality management.

“I started working with InterMed nearly four years ago,” Nudelman says. “From my very first interaction with the CEO, I knew this was a company I wanted to work with. Over the years as I watched InterMed grow, I saw the niche market opportunity created by the strong and agile leadership. I am honored to be a part of this team.”

InterMed CEO Rick Staab also spoke out about the appointment, saying: “We are truly excited and honored to have Scott join our team. His operational experience and broad industry knowledge is an example of InterMed’s commitment to bringing on the premier level of talent in our industry. He immediately adds to our ability to develop nationally and to ‘Always Bring the Best.’”

About The InterMed Group:

As a provider of integrated health technology management services, InterMed can provide an array of Asset Management options to its clients. From comprehensive equipment planning and administration to strategic coverage of key divisions or modalities in support of in-house, OEM or hybrid solutions, InterMed tailors its services to enhance the overall quality, cost, timeliness and confidence in each client’s technology management program.

InterMed’s”Jump Team solutions provide skilled engineers for a wide variety of temporary needs. Jump Team services include filling in for engineers, special projects, compliance preparation, physical inventories and cyber security assessments. InterMed also sells pre-owned, reconditioned, and new equipment from select OEMs.