With helium continuing to be scarce and expensive, West Jordan, Utah-based BC Technical—a non-OEM provider of medical imaging services—has entered into a strategic relationship with Allentown, Pa-based Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics Group. This move will help BC Technical’s customers increase MRI coldhead longevity and reduce cryogen use, according to company representatives.

The growth of BC Technical’s multivendor MRI installed base, combined with the desire to provide customers with extended component lifespan and enhanced repair capacity, led to the decision to partner with the cryogenic solutions manufacturer.

“This agreement will mean increased quality and higher longevity, leading to extended time between failure and less cryogen use,” says BC Technical President and CEO Mark Alvarez. “With current helium shortages and resulting price increases, this is a big deal.”

The partnership with Sumitomo means BC Technical’s customers can expect the same standard of manufacturing, quality, and longevity that they expect from the OEM—with one key difference. The new parts from BC Technical will cost considerably less—close to the same cost as a refurbished part, company representatives say.

Jim Beier, vice president of service for Sumitomo Cryogenics, also spoke out about the deal, calling it a win-win for both companies. “We’re very excited to announce our partnership with a top-tier service provider like BC Technical,” he says. “Everything they do speaks to their commitment to their customers for quality and satisfaction. They truly think about keeping the overall socket cost to the customers as low as possible while maintaining high quality and system uptime.”

Visit BC Technical’s website for more information regarding this partnership.