In the search of “more efficient ways for hospitals to manage clinical equipment assets,” Aramark opened a new Healthcare Technology & Innovation Center in Charlotte, NC, on October 8.

According to a company press release, “the new Center strengthens Aramark’s position to provide versatile and cost-effective hospital clinical equipment management programs by increasing its research and development expertise, centralizing training and engineering capabilities, and integrating Aramark’s clinical equipment parts sourcing organization into a single center of excellence.”

Included in the new center are simulated patient care suites with more than 32 active MRI, CT scan, cath lab, and x-ray systems. According to Aramark, the suites “provide the ability for hands-on technical training and quality assurance testing.” The suites are designed to quickly accommodate new systems from any manufacturer, allowing engineers quicker access to training on new technologies.

The new center incorporates Aramark’s wholly owned ReMedPar organization, a provider of diagnostic and imaging parts and components. More than $40 million of parts inventory is now housed in a 90,000-square-foot facility.

The center also offers improved remote monitoring capabilities, enabling engineers there to digitally interface with equipment in Aramark’s client locations to troubleshoot and correct issues in real time. A 24×7 customer service group is housed within the center as well.