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WI, GA, LA Hospitals Confirm Recent Healthcare Cyberattacks

Hospitals in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Louisiana—Southwest Health Center, Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital, and Baton Rouge General, respectively—have been targeted by vicious cyberattacks in recent months. In addition to highlighting the healthcare sector’s susceptibility to cybercrimals, it’s a trend that speaks to a larger issue at play, cybersecurity experts say.

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Sitting Down with AAMI & GE Healthcare’s ‘BMET of the Year’

Richard “Lee” Chamberlain, CHTM, CBET, CLRT, CET, a national support specialist at Chicago-based nonprofit CommonSpirit Health, who created and now runs Tier Three Support Services, says his typical workday didn’t change much during the COVID-19 pandemic. What has changed since 2020, however, are his professional accolades.