Have you ever found yourself at a loss on the best way to communicate an idea or problem? Have you found your communication not getting through the way you’d like? What’s the best way to spread the word about something?

This week we welcome guest blogger Dave Francoeur, VP of operations at CREST Services in Coppell, Tex, who uses different forms of communication, depending on the focus of the conversation. Here are Dave’s guidelines:

“I use several means of communication throughout the day, depending upon the audience and the message.

I use e-mail: For data/fact sharing, nonemotional correspondence; To make an announcement or share information to the company as a whole (utilizing our ‘CREST SHIELD ALERT’).

I use texts: To ask a very quick question or make a point; To ask someone to contact me; To ask someone if they are available for me to contact them.

Verbal: Always my preferred method of communication. Being able to read body language and eye contact provides instant, real feedback not available through e-mail or texting. If face-to-face communication is not possible, phone conversations are my next best option.

In general, verbal communication is being used less and less, and as a society, we are missing out on the great value it brings. Weekly, I hold a conference call with corporate and field leadership. Among other things, this ensures the field has an opportunity to hear directly from the corporate office and I have an opportunity to hear directly from them. This is a time to express thoughts, comments, and concerns that need to be learned from and/or addressed. Just as importantly, everyone gets to hear the same message at the same time and they get to hear each other’s comments. I also believe there is tremendous value and lessons to be learned by holding meetings where several people come together.”

Thanks Dave, great tips! And our thanks to him for taking the time to sharing ideas that can help all of us employ more constructive communication.



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