the guardian protects telemetry transmittersSage Services Group, a provider of medical patient monitoring services, parts, and accessories, has announced the launch of its new product, the Guardian. The Guardian is a custom-fit case designed to protect telemetry transmitters from everyday wear and tear.

According to Sage Services Group, the company started looking for ideas to protect transmitters because of the number of devices it received at its facility for service after they had been dropped or mishandled. It decided to create a product that would protect telemetry units in the same way that smartphones are protected. The case can be fit over the device as a protective buffer, can be cleaned, and is durable for repeated use. The Guardian is intended to reduce unnecessary repairs and keep critical telemetry devices in service.

The case comes in 12 different models designed for specific transmitters. The custom fit, single-piece construction ensures that each transmitter is protected, and an internal shock-absorbing frame protects the durability of the unit. The case is said to be simple to clean and disinfect, and its coating is lint- and dust-free.

More information about the Guardian is available on the Sage Services Group website.