Crest Healthcare Supply, a Dassel, Minn.-based supplier of facility and clinical management solutions, announced a new partnership with SMS Technologies. Through this partnership, the Aurora Series UV-C disinfecting device is now available from Crest.

“Infection control and prevention will continue to be an important focus in the healthcare environment,” says Tim Kuck, president and CEO of Crest. “We are continually looking for partners that provide innovative, reliable infection control options that help our customers provide a safe environment of care.”

The Aurora Series UV-C disinfecting device is a powerful handheld, portable UV-C device. At just 13 pounds, the lightweight design makes disinfecting high-touch and hard-to-clean surfaces faster and easier than ever. “The Aurora was designed to provide fast mobile disinfection for a wide variety of environments. It is so powerful that most common viruses and bacteria are inactivated with about one second of exposure,” says Mike Spurling, president of SMS Technologies. “The Aurora provides a powerful solution to put rooms and equipment back in service quickly so our customers can focus on what really matters.”

Featured image: Aurora UV disinfection device (Courtesy: SMS Technologies)