The threat of cyberattacks continues to plague the U.S. healthcare system as more sophisticated attackers take advantage of the global chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid crippling disruptions, healthcare organizations should be aware of the biggest cyberthreats and vulnerabilities to watch out for next year.

The combination of a global pandemic and an increasingly sophisticated network of cybercriminal organizations led to ransomware attacks on hospitals, outpatient facilities, and business associates across the healthcare sector in 2021. […]

[Elizabeth Butwin Mann, EY Americas Life Sciences and Health Cybersecurity Leader,] posited that increasingly sophisticated and successful ransomware attacks, the unpredictability of COVID-19 on the cyber threat landscape, and new medical device security vulnerabilities were some of the biggest healthcare cybersecurity challenges in the past year.

Despite 2021’s daunting cybersecurity challenges, healthcare organizations can still enter 2022 as prepared as possible by understanding and learning from this year’s biggest threats, implementing and practicing incident response plans, and prioritizing cybersecurity investments.

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