During the next few months, Carl Zeiss Microscopy will host a number of workshops on its scanning electron microscope products.

z-evob evo-2 copy RESIZEDThe workshop on Zeiss’ Field Emissions-Scanning Electron Microscope Series, which includes the ?igma, Supra, Ultra, and Merlin series, will take place in California from May 21 to May and in New York from September 18 to September 19. The workshop includes a review of basic instrument principles, operations, and parameter adjustments, a discussion of the effects of changing parameters on image quality, and an overview of the software features available.

The Crossbeam (FIB-SEM) Workshop is a three-day workshop and will take place from May 14 to May16 in Massachusetts. The event is designed to develop advanced general FIB-SEM skills and to reinforce and enhance software-based skills on the ZEISS SmartSEM graphical user interface. Participants will review fundamental principles of electron optics, ion beam optics, system configurations, and applications, as well as FIB alignment and calibration. A hands-on session on sample mounting and loading, basic and advanced patterning, high resolution live imaging, creating AVI files, and 3D analytics will also be included.

The two-day EVO series SEM workshop will be held March 12 to March 13 in California, July 10 to July 11 in Massachusetts, and September 18 to September 19 in New York. Fundamental principles of SEM parameters will be reviewed and discussed in the context of their effects on image quality. A review of the EVO SEM’s operation, making parameter adjustments with the mouse, joystick, control panel, keyboard and tool bar icons functions, operations during the complete range of fundamental operating modes, and instrument cleaning and maintenance will also be covered. Other topics vary depending upon the participants, and may include an extended pressure workshop, correlative microscopy, remote SEM operations, SEM automation, or STEM imaging.