AeroScout, in partnership with Connexall, Reva Systems, and ThingMagic, announced that the companies’ joint customer, the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, has won the 2010 RFID Journal Innovation Award for its innovative RFID implementation.

When patients arrive, they’re provided with an ID badge that they carry with them over the course of their care. The badge contains a passive RFID chip that tracks patients through every step of their visit and alerts staff of their progress.
The solution required integration and collaboration from several companies:

  • Passive RFID readers from ThingMagic, placed at key points throughout the facility, read the patient ID badges as they enter or leave specific areas;
  • Reva Systems TAP technology processes and interprets the information from the ThingMagic RFID readers, and determines the location of patients and sends this information to AeroScout’s MobileView software;
  • AeroScout’s MobileView acts as the solution’s aggregation and distribution point for information, associating each badge with a specific person, maintaining a rules-based event engine and sending alerts to the appropriate staff members over the optimal communications channel; and
  • Connexall provides the unified communications platform for the devices, building management software and patient data system.