Michigan’s largest surgery center, Northwest Michigan Surgery Center, recently selected the Versus Advantages real-time locating system (RTLS). Uses for the RTLS include relaying patient status information to families in the waiting room and automated process flow management for clinical staff.

Currently, Northwest Michigan Surgery Center staff manually record and calculate patient wait times. When using the Versus Advantages clinic solution, patients will receive a small clearview badge, which emits a safe infrared signal. This locating badge, coupled with the Versus Advantages software, will allow Northwest Michigan Surgery Center to capture, display, and report on several patient care elements.

Staff will instantly know how many patients are waiting in the waiting room and other areas of the clinic; exactly where each patient is, when and where they interacted with staff, and where the patient is in terms of the visit progression. In addition, staff will know how long each patient has been waiting, how long since the patient was last seen, and how much time the patient spends with the medical assistant, nurse, physician, or lab technician. Patients’ family members in the waiting areas will also have access to this information via electronic Glance-and-Go boards.