Tripp Lite, Chicago, a manufacturer of power protection equipment, has expanded its line of power distribution units (PDUs) to provide new options in power capacity, form factor, and management. Most new models feature a built-in network interface that allows users to remotely monitor and control individual outlets and connected devices via SNMP, Web, or Telnet.

The switched PDUs let network managers remotely control individual outlets and connected devices by remotely rebooting locked devices. Users can extend the runtime of critical devices by remotely turning off non-essential devices during a power interruption, which may help reduce the number of costly service calls.

The company’s free PowerAlert network management software centrally monitors and controls power for up to 250 UPS systems or PDUs on networks, allowing managers to mass-configure multiple remote-device settings from a single location. It can be set to auto-discover UPS and PDU devices in specific network segments or IP address ranges. The software-only solution may help reduce installation costs normally associated with other solutions that require additional hardware or license purchases.

PowerAlert software extends PDU capability beyond central monitoring and power control. The environmental sensor and an SNMP Web card help monitor external temperature/humidity and contact closure inputs.