Summary: TruAsset has integrated with Equiptrack to enhance the efficiency of processing FDA recalls and streamline patient safety processes, providing clients with immediate recall notifications and relevant work orders.

Key Takeaways:

  • The integration with Equiptrack allows TruAsset clients to manage FDA recalls efficiently, ensuring timely action on relevant asset inventory issues.
  • TruAsset’s CMMS solution centralizes maintenance management, offering accessible asset data across devices to support independent service organizations, HTM, and plant operations/maintenance teams.

TruAsset announces an integration with Equiptrack to improve U.S. FDA recall processing and streamline patient safety processes.

Enhanced Efficiency with Equiptrack through TruAsset

Equiptrack integration will allow clients to receive notifications for FDA recalls within the CMMS and open work orders to address the recalls that are relevant to their asset inventory. The integration aims to help clients remain on top of patient safety and efficiency.

Equiptrack features FDA Recall data and maintenance reports for buyers and resellers of used medical equipment. Equiptrack is an equipment buyer-focused medical equipment maintenance report database available with Equiptrack Reports, online medical equipment store apps, and FDA Recall API services.

TruAsset CMMS Solution

TruAsset is a CMMS solution designed for independent service organizations, healthcare technology management, and plant operations/maintenance teams, centralizing maintenance management and providing access to asset data via computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.