Advanced Human Imaging Limited, Perth, Australia, announces the Derma AI embedded in the AHI DermaScan has received CE Mark clearance in the European Union for the dermatology AI component in CompleteScan.

The Derma AI component (DermaScan AI) can accurately classify skin conditions from an image captured on a standard smartphone camera. Using what AGI says is the largest proprietary database of its kind in the world, the Derma AI can classify 588 common or rare skin conditions in 133 categories, including all categories of skin cancer. 

In April, AHI announced a significant equity stake in Triage and a deal to integrate Derma AI into the AHI-owned and patented CompleteScan SaaS platform. The integrated product, known as DermaScan, will empower dermatologists, clinicians, physicians, and nurses to get an instant second opinion and better identify dermatologic conditions using only a smartphone.

“This clearance opens up the market significantly for AHI and Triage. The CE mark covers 27 countries in the European Union. More importantly it validates the AI-powered tool as credible option and gives physicians and patients within the EU access to reliable information so they can make an informed decision,” says Vlado Bosanac, chief executive officer of AHI. “Once integrated into the CompleteScan platform, the Derma AI will complement our diverse mobile health offering.

“We’re excited to have received the CE approval and to soon be in a position to offer the CompleteScan platform to all of Europe through our partnership with AHI,” says Tory Jarmin, chief executive officer of Triage. We set out to create the world’s most accurate AI engine that could identify skin conditions in an affordable and accessible manner. As we stand today, I am proud to say we have achieved this with Derma AI. We will now add to this with the recent signing of a distribution agreement with SkinHealth Canada to supply more than 2,000 healthcare professionals in Canada with the Derma AI capabilities, which we intend to offer with the CompleteScan, once available, to assist the 2,000 practitioners with a deeper, more robust provision of care capability.”