The Women’s Hospital of Greensboro, NC, part of the Moses Cone Health System, has opted for the RadarFind Real Time Location System (RTLS) to monitor the location and status of its mobile medical equipment.

The system features a programmable asset tag that alerts staff to the device’s status— available, in-use, or needs cleaning/sterilization—and accrues information for equipment utilization reports that help hospitals budget for new equipment expenditures. Wayne Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, NC saved more than $300,000 less than a year after implementing the system.

It integrates with existing hospital infrastructure and operations, and operates independently of the critical WiFi network. Readers plug into existing electrical outlets, requiring no new wiring or ceiling or wall penetration and preserving outlets for use by other devices.
The status tag serves as a tool for infection control by allowing the system to track devices and report their time-stamped location history as part of an infection control surveillance system. Data from the status portion of the tag is used to monitor whether the device passes through the appropriate decontamination process before it is assigned to another patient.