Trenton, N.J.-based KNF has introduced a new micro gas pump NMP830 HP for OEM customers. Company officials say the NMP 830 HP pump is suitable for use in patient monitoring, wound and compression therapy, as well in as respiratory care devices.

“This new diaphragm pump offers outstanding high flow, pressure, and suction performance in a compact size,” KNF officials say—with the NMP830 HP measuring  1.25 inches wide. Even so, it the pump produces pressure of up to 3.0 bar g (43.5 psig) and vacuum down to 50 mbar absolute (28.4 inHg).

Moreover the NMP830 HP is an extension of KNF’s NMP series. Specifically, it offers a 33% to 44% increase in size-to-flow ratio compared to existing NMP850 and NMP830 models, respectively. Vacuum and pressure performance are also improved at a comparatively smaller size and lower weight, company officials say.

Finally, the NMP830 HP is available with brushed and two- or four-wire brushless DC motors. Standard offerings include ethylene propylene diene terpolymer and pump protection separators wetted components.