Hospira Inc, an Illinois-based provider of injectable drugs, safety-focused medication management systems and infusion technologies, has announced the launch and first installation of its Plum 360 smart pump infusion system with Hospira MedNet.

Plum 360 smart pumpAccording to Hospira, the Plum 360 infusion system is supported by Hospira MedNet version 6.1 safety software and includes features designed to address challenges that hospitals face daily as they work to improve the safety of intravenous (IV) medication administration. The safety features include a secondary line that connects directly to the PlumSet cassette, which enables the pump to be programmed with two compatible medications in either concurrent or piggyback delivery.

The secondary line also integrates with the electronic medical record (EMR) systems through Hospira’s IV-EMR interoperability solution. In addition, it enables air management that does not require disconnecting the line from the patient, which helps reduce the potential for contamination.

The Hospira MedNet software expands the drug library to support safety limits for more medications across more clinical care areas of use, helping to improve clinical best practices for IV medication administration, says the company. The Plum 360 also has several security updates, including improved protection of ports, no remote command execution, and support for encryption of all data transmitted to and from Hospira MedNet version 6.1.

The Plum 360 infusion system was recently installed at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Tex, a 400-bed facility that is designated as a level 3 trauma center for the West Texas region. For more information about the Plum 360, visit the Hospira website.