Baxter International Inc, Deerfield, Ill, recently announced that the FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for the company’s next-generation SIGMA Spectrum Infusion Pump with Master Drug Library.

Enhancements to the infusion pump include increased capacity of the master drug library. The library is safety software that helps maintain a customized in-house set of dosing parameters. In addition, new asset-tracking capabilities will allow hospitals to effectively locate, manage, and deploy SIGMA Spectrum inventory, helping to ensure efficient allocation of hospital assets.

The new pump provides multiple safety features, including dose error reduction software (DERS) and an automatic default to use of the drug safety library at the initial start of dose programming. It also offers an option for wireless connectivity to integrate data into a hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, to facilitate the transfer of data to and from the system for updating drug libraries, and to create continuous quality improvement reports.

Baxter plans to launch the new pump with select healthcare facilities beginning in the summer of 2014. For more information on the SIGMA Spectrum Infusion System, visit the SIGMA Pumps website.