Dynarex Corporation, Orangeburg, N.Y., announces its new line of premium respiratory products—Dynarex Resp-O2.

Meeting the Needs of Caregivers

Working closely with respiratory therapists and industry experts, Dynarex conducted in-depth research to develop a robust selection of high-quality respiratory products to serve the evolving needs of both patients and caregivers.

“In these challenging times, we recognize the growing demand for high-quality disposable supplies in the respiratory space,” says Dynarex CEO Zalman Tenenbaum. “We listened to respiratory caregivers, medical providers, and specialists. We heard their specific needs, challenges, and concerns—and we responded with top-of-the-line solutions to help them provide the highest quality care.”

After all, as Tenenbaum points out, respiratory issues today are more critical than ever: “That’s why medical professionals and caregivers are looking for the safest, most reliable supplies available. Because the well-being of both the patient and caregiver are more important than ever—we must protect both the patient and the caregiver at all times.”

A Patient-Centric Approach

Dynarex Resp-O2 products were designed to provide greater comfort as well as increased safety, Tenenbaum explains: “For example, our cannulas are constructed with cushion tips to minimize irritation. Our closed-suction system is designed to minimize exposure to germs and bacteria—protecting both the patient and the caregiver.”

To meet increasing demand for these quality products, Dynarex operates six warehouses across the United States, demonstrating its commitment to providing its distributor partners with critical supplies in a timely manner.

Featured image: Dynarex Resp-O2 heat moisture exchange filters are part of the new respiratory product line. (Courtesy: Dynarex)