The memory issue you described is usually remedied by a software reload (full reload on a new hard drive) or replacing the memory modules. If both of those have been completed without success, you most likely have a bad single board computer (SBC). There are several versions and manufacturers of the SBC so you need to identify which one you have. If you have printouts of the “about” page, the computer type is on the lower left side of the page. If not, you will need to remove the SBC to see which one you have.

Hello from Russia! I want to ask for your help concerning an x-150. It has a TI malfunction—this block incorrectly defines a submitted high voltage from the power unit. When I test the pressure I see 100 volt and +100 volt. TI defines them as -112 volt and +114 volt and at once switches off the x-150 without a possibility of seeing the service menu.

For a couple of days I have studied the TI and have drawn the electric scheme of the TI module. I replaced: IRZ9210, IR210, and LM339 (2) on the TI module and I cant find out how to replace DG604W. I need to know how to calibrate the measured high voltage. The calibration files are available in the system—channels 32 and 35. How I can launch ZDG calibration? I cannot enter the shell.

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