Paragon Consulting Partners has launched a fully managed, vendor agnostic analytics solution for real-time enterprise imaging clinical workflow and applications monitoring called Strings by Paragon.

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms combined with professional services from Paragon experts, Strings is an analytics-as-a-managed-service solution designed to simplify the management of complex multi-vendor technology ecosystems and enabling an actionable approach to performance improvement.

Strings continuously monitors and analyzes data generated across imaging modalities, PACS, VNA, and other orchestration layers in real-time. Data is banded across these disparate data sources and enriched with new attributes, nodes, relationships, and more to enhance analytics reporting and intelligent alerting capabilities. Strings provides opportunities for customized and ad-hoc use cases based on the individual priorities and challenges of unique healthcare organizations. 

“With Strings, we can aggregate data from across our highly complex, deconstructed enterprise imaging ecosystem to help our extended team better understand the whole solution stack and dataflow, says a director of enterprise imaging technology at a multi-state health system. “This not only allows us to identify and monitor key performance indicators related to performance and reliability, but it also allows us to establish a change control process that can proactively test and measure the positive or negative impact of software upgrades, system tuning, or the introduction of net-new technologies—before clinical workflow is impacted.”

Strings ties together clinical and system performance data to support an array of workflow and application monitoring and optimization.  

“It’s the decades of experience we’ve gained from working in the trenches alongside our clients that drove us to create Strings by Paragon. Coupling this technology with proven services is accelerating and enhancing the value we deliver to our clients,” says Jef Williams, MBA, managing partner of Paragon Consulting Partners.